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Creates online image, picture, photo effect - Shapecluster. Creates a division of the images, pictures, photos separated rectangular regions. Available settings: thickness of the region separation, darkeness of the shadows, rolloff of the shadow darkness, extent of the shadow, border applied to output image. Polyptych, diptych, triptych is a big picture consisting of several segments. A new word in the interior design that brought freshness and brightness to any home. You can choose the default settings, manually, random and several presets. To view the list of images, click "UNDO" or "REDO" to continue.
Online image editor, decorate images, pictures, photos different effects for a few seconds.

Method of use:
To apply the effect, first set the sliders settings. Then select the protected area and click "APPLY".
To remove the created images click 'UNDO' and then click 'REMOVE'

Keywords: images, pictures, photos, separated, rectangular, regions